The Coffee Roaster News

03/12/2018: Sumatra coffee

Sumatran coffee is Full bodied and strong earthy flavor! Amazingly yummy!

03/11/2018: Java coffee

Java coffee has full body, chocolate overtones and has low acidity. Delicious!

Guatemalan coffee is so delicious, it is crisp, has bright acidity and a hint of nuttiness! The Best!

This cup is wonderfully balanced with a sweet nutty taste! Delicioso!

03/07/2018: Panama coffee

Panama coffee is full bodied, smooth, and has delicious chocolatey undertone! So yummy!

This cup has a full body and sweet aroma! Oh so amazingly yummy! Incredible!

03/05/2018: Papa New Guinea

This cup of Papa New Guinea is aromatic, has great balance and has low acidity. Delicious!!

Full bodied and aromatic!

Super Bowl hours for this Sunday February 4TH, 2018 at The Coffee Roaster are from 7 AM-2PM.

The Coffee Roaster is open from 7AM-6PM today MLK Day.