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From the state of Santander, this region is very lush with ideal rainfall, cloud cover and soil conditions. this cup is full bodied, has pleasant acidity and aromatic, this cup is truly a superior coffee! Delicious!

03/26/2018: Brazilian coffee

Brazilian coffee is the brew of the day at The Coffee Roaster! This cup is medium bodied with a trace of earthiness and has a subtle sweetness in its full flavor! Amazingly delightful coffee!

This cup is a blend originally built around the traditional espresso styles found in Milan. We have kept the round and rich length of this roast while adding some sweetness from different beans. Very popular and the blend we use for our espresso in the store. Delicioso!

This cup is wonderfully balanced with a sweet nutty taste!

This cup of coffee is full bodied, sweet aroma, , great acidity and a clean aftertaste, all in balance. Delicious!

03/22/2018: Panama coffee

Panama coffee is a full bodied cup with delicate acidity that is famous for its smoothness and character, with distinct chocolate undertones. Yummy!

The boldness of the Sumatra and the subtle sweetness Brazilian coffee create a fabulously smooth blend! Delicious!

03/19/2018: Java coffee

Java coffee is the brew of the day at The Coffee Roaster. This cup is bold, earthy, chocolate overtones and has low acidity!

03/18/2018: Papa New Guinea

Papa New Guinea coffee is the brew of the day at The Coffee Roaster .This cup has great balance, low acidity, and a fantastic aroma! So delicious.

03/17/2018: Brazilian coffee

This Brazilian cup of coffee is medium bodied and subtley sweet! Yummy!