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Updates and News From The Coffee Roaster in Sherman Oaks

11/23/2022: Thanksgiving hours

The Coffee Roaster will be open Thanksgiving Day from 6AM-1PM
The Coffee Roaster will resume normal hours on Friday November 25 ,6AM-6PM

Happy Thanksgiving to all our customers!

Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountain will arrive at the coffee shop the week of November 28th-December 2nd.
Further update to follow Thank you

Panama coffee beans have gone through the border and now in storage in San Francisco . Estimated time of arrival at the shop November 28th. Further updates on the time of arrival to follow.
Thank you for your patience.

The Panama coffee has been delayed at the border.We at The Coffee Roaster are presently out of stock of The Panama coffee Once the bag of Panama coffee beans arrives at the shop , we will inform you when the beans are ready for sale. Thank you for your understanding.

The Coffee Roaster maintenance is now complete and the roasting will begin early this morning , the roasted coffee beans will be ready by late morning , early afternoon.
Thank you for your understanding. A great day to all our customers!

The Roaster is going through maintenance today and many of the coffee beans will Not be available today. Coffee beans will be available tomorrow late morning after we have roasted.. We do apologize to our customers for the inconvenience. Will keep you posted on the progress of the maintenance. Thank you

06/21/2022: Panama coffee

The Panama coffee shipment has arrived today Tuesday June21,2022 it will be roasted tomorrow morning June22,2022 . Panama coffee will be ready for sale by 10 AM .
Thank you for your patience.

Panama coffee bean bags have a delay on shipment.The Panama coffee bean shipment will arrive the second week of June. The Coffee Roaster management will notify you the customer of its arrival.Thank you for your understanding.

The cappuccino machine is now repaired and functioning normally. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to make any espresso based drinks or steamed hot drinks. That includes things such as lattes, cappuccinos, london fog, red/black eye, etc. Our machine has gone down and we can only do regular drip coffee, cold coffee, hot tea, and cold teas.

Thank you for your understanding. We're currently looking to get it fixed as soon as possible.