The Coffee Roaster News

The Coffee Roaster will be open from 7AM-6PM on President's Day!

01/11/2020: chamomile tea

We now have chamomile loose leaf tea.

12/30/2019: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

The Coffee Roaster will be open until 4pm on New Years Eve and regular hours 7-6 New Years Day. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! to all.

The Coffee Roaster will be open on New Year's Eve from 7AM-4PM. On New Year's Day The Coffee Roaster will open at its regular hours of 7AM-6PM. Thank you and Happy New Year to all!

12/22/2019: Holiday Hours

The Holiday Season is here again. The Coffee Roaster will be open normal hours on Monday December 22nd. We will be closing at 1:00 on Christmas Eve and closed Christmas Day. We will be back to normal hours on the 26th. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

12/17/2019: Kona coffee

The Kona coffee has been roasted and ready for sale! Thank you for your patience.

12/16/2019: KONA HAS ARRIVED

We have kona coffee and it will be roasted tomorrow.

12/14/2019: Kona coffee

To all our customers, arrival of the Kona coffee is delayed for a few days . ETA for Kona arrival is now Monday December 16th. The Coffee Roaster will announce the Kona coffee arrival on the website once it arrives. We apologize to all our customers. Thank you for your understanding

12/10/2019: Kona coffee

The Kona coffee has been ordered and is being shipped , will be here on Friday , December 13th,2019. Thank you

12/09/2019: Guatemalan coffee

The Guatemalan coffee has sold out and will be available again on Wednesday December11,2019. We apologize for the inconvenience.