The Coffee Roaster News

This cup has a full body and sweet aroma! Oh so amazingly yummy! Incredible!

03/05/2018: Papa New Guinea

This cup of Papa New Guinea is aromatic, has great balance and has low acidity. Delicious!!

Full bodied and aromatic!

Super Bowl hours for this Sunday February 4TH, 2018 at The Coffee Roaster are from 7 AM-2PM.

The Coffee Roaster is open from 7AM-6PM today MLK Day.

Maintenance issue dealt with and finished.

The Coffee Roaster will be closed for maintenance on January 3rd,2018 from 1PM-6PM.The Coffee Roaster will reopen for business January4th,2018 at 7AM-6PM.
Thank you for your understanding.

12/28/2017: Holiday hours!

The Coffee Roaster will be open New Year's Eve from 7AM-3PM and open New Year's Day from 8AM-4PM.
A Happy New Year to all!!

12/22/2017: Holiday hours!

Christmas hours: Christmas Eve 7AM-2PM, Christmas Day CLOSED, December 26 7AM-6PM
NewYear's Eve 7AM-3PM, New Year's Day CLOSED, January 2ND 7AM-6PM

Kona and Jamaica Blue mountain ready for sale!