The Coffee Roaster News

The roaster is now repaired and roasting has been completed for the day. please refer to roasting log for your freshly roasted coffee. thank you for your patience and understanding.

To all our customers the roaster here at the coffee shop is going through a maintenance issue and the shop will be ready tomorrow to roast, the 25th of April in the afternoon. We apologize for any inconvenience. The Coffee Roaster will inform all our customers when we are ready to roast once again. Thank you for your understanding.

This cup has the subtle sweetness of the Brazilian bean and the bold earthiness of the Sumatran coffee makes this coffee amazingly tasty!

This cup of delicious coffee is medium bodied with a trace of earthiness and has a subtle sweetness in its full flavor!

From the Koban region where the best New Guinea coffees are harvested. Known for its great balance, low acidity, and excellent aroma! Amazingly delicious!

This cup of coffee is crisp, has bright acidity, and a hint of nuttiness! So delicious!

04/20/2018: Java coffee

From the high mountains of Java, this fine estate grown coffee is characterized by a superb richness and full body with bold earthy overtones and low acidity! Amazingly delicious!!

The Coffee Roaster will be open at its normal for this Holiday weekend. 7AM-6PM.

Our Sumatra is grown in west-central Sumatra and is considered the best of the Sumatran coffees. This bean possesses a smooth, full bodied characteristic as well as a strong earthy flavor. Amazingly delightful coffee!

Ethiopian Yirgachefe is a truly unique and special coffee possessing a delicate acidity and medium with a remarkable aroma! Delicious!