The Coffee Roaster News

11/13/2018: chemex filters

Chemex filters and coffee makers have arrived!

11/11/2018: Kona Coffee!

Kona coffee has been ordered and we at The Coffee Roaster will advise when it has arrived . Thank you!

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee now available at the shop. Have a fantastic Sunday!

10/04/2018: TODDY

They have arrived. We have toddy makers now in stock. As well as extra filters and corks.

10/02/2018: Java coffee

Java coffee beans arrived today October 2nd and have been roasted late this afternoon and are now available for sale at The Roaster! Apologies for late arrival of the coffee beans.

10/01/2018: Java coffee

Java coffee beans on back order till tomorrow Tuesday, October 2nd . Java beans will be roasted Wednesday, October 3rd , ready for sale late morning , early afternoon of October 3rd. Apologies to all our customers for any inconvenience.

The Coffee Roaster will be open from 7AM- 4PM on Labor Day Monday!

Happy Labor Day to all our customers!

Panama coffee beans have arrived and have been roasted and ready for sale! Apologies for the delay in the coffee bean arrival.

07/31/2018: Panama coffee news

The Panama coffee beans have just arrived to the shop. Will be roasted tomorrow morning August 2nd , and will be ready to sell by early afternoon. Apologies for the delay in arrival. Thank you for your patience.

07/06/2018: Panama coffee

The Panama coffee beans will be on back order for another week. There is a delay in the coffe beans leaving Panama. We at The Coffee Roaster will inform you as soon as the shipment arrives. Thank you for your understanding.