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On a hot day nothing like a smooth cold brew to get the day going!

Full body , pleasant acidity and aromatic! Delicious!

07/08/2017: The Roaster Blend

A combination of Indonesian and Central American coffees creates a smooth, full bodied , mellow cup.

07/02/2017: July 4th hours

The Coffee Roaster will opened Monday July 3rd from 7 AM - 6PM and July 4th from 7AM -6PM.

Kona freshly roasted !

Kona freshly roasted !

06/13/2017: Roaster blend

Blend of three delicious coffees! This blend has the chocolatey flavor of the Java coffee , low acidity and aroma of the New Guinea coffee , and full body the Costa Rican coffee!
Amazingly Delicious!

Malabar has been left to the elements during the monsoon season . this monsoon process produces a very interesting and exotic coffee with a rich , full body and virtually acid free! Yummy!

From the central highlands of Guatemala , the state of Huehuetenango produces some of the finest coffees of Central America . Huehuetenango is a coffee offering a crisp , bright acidity and a hint of nuttiness. Delicious!

06/10/2017: Brazilian coffee

The medium roast allows the unique flavor of this bean to linger. The cup is medium bodied with a trace of earthiness and bears a subtle sweetness in its flavor.