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Delay in arrival of 'La Minita' beans. The 'La Minita' beans will arrive on Tuesday August 15th and will be roasted on August 16th and ready to sell on that very day. The Coffee Roaster staff will post as soon as beans are roasted and ready to sell. We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience.

On a hot day nothing like a smooth cold brew to get the day going!

Full body , pleasant acidity and aromatic! Delicious!

07/08/2017: The Roaster Blend

A combination of Indonesian and Central American coffees creates a smooth, full bodied , mellow cup.

07/02/2017: July 4th hours

The Coffee Roaster will opened Monday July 3rd from 7 AM - 6PM and July 4th from 7AM -6PM.

Kona freshly roasted !

Kona freshly roasted !

06/13/2017: Roaster blend

Blend of three delicious coffees! This blend has the chocolatey flavor of the Java coffee , low acidity and aroma of the New Guinea coffee , and full body the Costa Rican coffee!
Amazingly Delicious!

Malabar has been left to the elements during the monsoon season . this monsoon process produces a very interesting and exotic coffee with a rich , full body and virtually acid free! Yummy!

From the central highlands of Guatemala , the state of Huehuetenango produces some of the finest coffees of Central America . Huehuetenango is a coffee offering a crisp , bright acidity and a hint of nuttiness. Delicious!