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The boldness of the Sumatra and the subtle sweetness Brazilian coffee create a fabulously smooth blend! Delicious!

03/19/2018: Java coffee

Java coffee is the brew of the day at The Coffee Roaster. This cup is bold, earthy, chocolate overtones and has low acidity!

03/18/2018: Papa New Guinea

Papa New Guinea coffee is the brew of the day at The Coffee Roaster .This cup has great balance, low acidity, and a fantastic aroma! So delicious.

03/17/2018: Brazilian coffee

This Brazilian cup of coffee is medium bodied and subtley sweet! Yummy!

Peru Organic coffee is wonderfully balanced with a sweet nutty taste! Oh so delicious!

03/15/2018: Sumatra coffee

Sumatra coffee is full bodied , bold, and has a strong earthy flavor! Delicioso!

03/14/2018: Panama coffee

This cup is crisp, has bright acidity, and a hint of nuttiness! Superbly delicious!

03/12/2018: Sumatra coffee

Sumatran coffee is Full bodied and strong earthy flavor! Amazingly yummy!

03/11/2018: Java coffee

Java coffee has full body, chocolate overtones and has low acidity. Delicious!