The Coffee Roaster News

Excellent soil conditions (grown in volcanic soil) at an elevation of between 700 - 2,000 feet, combined with the sub-tropical climate produce a highly sought-after coffee with a superb aroma, mellowness, touch of nuttiness and full-bodied flavor.

Get your Christmas and Hanukkah gift baskets at The Coffee Roaster!

Coffee and Tea gift baskets make a fantastic Christmas and Hannukah !

12/12/2016: Christmas baskets

Gift baskets available for purchase !

The Coffee Roaster Thanksgiving Day Hours 8 am to 2 pm

09/06/2016: Cold brew

The best COLD BREW in Los Angeles !

The Coffee Roaster will be open from 7 AM - 4PM on Labour Day!

08/26/2016: Buttered coffee

Buttered coffee now available at The Coffee Roaster with 'Grass fed butter' and 'Coconut Oil' ! DEELICIOUS!

The outside frontage of The Coffee Roaster is 'The Erotic Café ' in The Simpsons TV Show

The Coffee Roaster is now open from 8 am -3 pm on Sunday's